Troy B.G. Clarkson

Troy B.G. Clarkson


Troy Clarkson has been writing ‘Troy’s Take’ in the Falmouth Enterprise for many years. This weekly look at the people, places, and issues that make Falmouth a community is the basis for Troy’s first book, “Succanessett Snapshot.”

Troy has been writing since his childhood in East Falmouth, MA. As a young teen, he wrote and published ‘The Cove Chronicle,’ a newspaper in his boyhood neighborhood of Fisherman’s Cove. He interviewed friends and neighbors, and sold the paper door to door for a quarter.

He is also known for his daily aphorisms, daily inspirational quotes which are posted on his Facebook page and are soon to be published in his second book, “ Out of the Woods: 365 Ways to not be a Dung Beetle ”

Troy is also the President of the Sober Living Foundation and Carousel of Light as well as Principal at Clarkson Consulting.

Troy is available for speaking engagements and book signings.